Real Name: Bu Koutoku
Character: ko (high spirits)
Location of Character: right shoulder
Seishi Power: focusing his chi through his flute
Birthday: August 26th
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: A
Likes: music
Dislikes: war

Star Group

constellation this is the constellation for Amiboshi. the picture is taken from the anime so it may not be fully accurate. click on the image to see a star chart of the Azure Dragon of Spring (represented by Seiryuu in the show)

Fast Facts:
***Amiboshi has a younger twin named Suboshi
***Amiboshi's parents were killed in a civil war. This experience is what made him abhor war.
***He is a kind sensitive person, but his desire to end violence drove him to fight against the Suzaku seishi. (Nakago lied to him about the goals of the suzaku seishi)