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This section is where you can find random stuff, mostly taken from the manga

This is a chart I found in the (English translated) 3rd volume of FY manga
ChineseJapaneseperson or placemeaning
Hong-NanKonansouthern kingdomcrimson south
Qu-DongKutoueastern kingdomgathered east
Zhong-RongChueisecond sonloyalty and honor
Chun-JingShunkeithird sonspring and respect
Yu-LunGyokuraneldest daughterjewel and orchid
Jie-lianYurienyoungest daughterconnection and lotus
Tai Yi-JunTai Itsukunan oraclepre-eminent person
Daichi-SanTaikyokuzana mountaingreatest mountain
Lai LaiNyan Nyana servanta nanny

Random Info taken from the (English translated) manga
***A star in the constellation 'Hotohori' is the brightest in Suzaku
***Tamahome is the brightest star in the constellation Cancer
***Yui had long hair until she cut it to the length it is now in the eight grade because of all the attention she was getting from boys click here for a picture
***A tentative title for Fushigi Yuugi was 'Suzaku'


Byakko Shinzaho A mirror, dedicated to Byakko when he was summoned. It became a relic.

Genbu Shinzaho A necklace, dedicated to Genbu when he was summoned. It became a relic.

Hokkan The country to the north protected by the god Genbu. Genbu had their god summoned by Byakko no Miko 200 years ago.

Konan The country to the south protected by the god Suzaku. They are a peaceful country constantly threatened by the eastern country, Kutou

Kutou The country to the east protected by the god Seiryuu. They are a war-like country that wants to destroy Konan

Miko A priestess for the protector god of a country. Only a girl from another world can be a miko for one of the four countries.

Mt. Leikaku This is the mountain where Tasuki's gang of bandits live. They basically have rule of the mountain and people try to avoid it if possible.

Mt. Taikyoku A mysterious and large mountain. To the un-pure, it appears to be nothing but rocky cliffs shrouded in clouds. But there is a huge palace there where Taiitsukun lives. Chichiri trained there.

Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan are little girls and they have the ability to heal injuries. All they say is 'nyan nyan' translated as 'heal heal' or 'fix fix'

Saito The country to the west protected by the god Byakko. Saito had their god summoned by Byakko no Miko 90 years ago.

Seishi A warrior. The full name is shichiseishi which roughly translates to 'seven star warriors' and seishi is a shortened form.

Shin Jin Ten Chi Sho The book, also known as The Universe of the Four Gods, which Miaka and Yui got pulled into.

Tessen A metal fan that spews fire when its owner says 'rekka shien'