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Show how much you love Fushigi Yuugi by decorating your computer in it =P There are icons, a few cursors, and some wallpaper. More will definitely be coming so keep looking out for them. Take whatever you want, but I ask you please to not add them to any collections you may have online without my explicit permission. I have worked very hard on these and don't want to see someone else claiming them ;_; If you would like a specific icon/ cursor/wallpaper that I don't have, say with your favorite character or something, just e-mail me and I will try to help.
click on the resolution you want, then right click and select "set as wallpaper" from the menu

     800 x 600   1024 x 768

     800 x 600   1024 x 768

     800 x 600   1024 x 768

     Artist: Pam   Abstract Expressionism
     800 x 600

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     folder 3 FY cursors
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