Real Name: Seishuku (Saihitei is his title as emperor)
Character: sei (star)
Location of Character: neck
Seishi Power: swordsman
Birthday: April 2nd
Age: 18
Height: 6'0"
Blood Type: A
Likes: looking in the mirror
Dislikes: being lonely

Star Group

constellation this is the constellation for Hotohori. the picture is taken from the anime so it may not be fully accurate. click on the image to see a star chart of the Red Bird of Summer (represented by Suzaku in the show)

Fast Facts:
***Hotohori is vain and loves to mention/hear from people how beautiful he is
    Hotohori: "What's wrong, child?"
    Tamahome's sister: "Oneechan, are you
      Oniichan's wife?"
    Hotohori: "No, i'm a man."
    Tamahome's sister: "That can't be true, you're
      too pretty."
    Hotohori: "Ah, children are so sincere!"

***Hotohori also loves Miaka, but eventually comes to terms with the fact that she loves Tamahome