What jobs would the FY characters have?

Miaka: food critic    of course, she'll want to try everything

Tamahome: accountant     he can be around money all day...not his money, but its
                                             a start

Hotohori: major company CEO    we already know he can handle an empire

Nuriko: drag queen    he and RuPaul must have a lot to talk about

Chichiri: magician    to heck with rabbits, he can pull himself out of a hat

Tasuki: police officer    anti-gang division; who knows more about gangs than a gang leader?

Mitsukake: doctor    could you really see him doing something different?

Chiriko: anything he wants    ...kinda like the pretender since they're both geniuses

Yui: crisis counselor     you gotta love the love the irony

Nakago: Politician    he can lie, manipulate, and steal with the best of 'em

Amiboshi/Suboshi: Actors    What we really need is one more sitcom/movie about
                                                 twins i.e. Full House, Sister Sister, Parent Trap

Soi: waitress at Hooters    well, this is *ahem* Soi we're talking about...

Tomo: clothes/costume designer    peacock feathers, the "next big thing"

Ashitare: wrestler    he beat up Nuriko even when he had the bracelets. Plus, some of
                                  the "characters" in wrestling are even scarier than Ashitare

Miboshi: criminal mastermind    when you are evil and have the power to posses
                                                       people, what couldn't you get away with?

Taiitsukun: phone psychic    she does seem know everything...and her name means

Nyan Nyan: nurse    "heal heal" "fix fix", maybe they'll work for Mitsukake