Real Name:Chou Ryuuen
Character:yanagi (willow)
Location of Character:chest, over the heart
Seishi Power: super-strength
Birthday: March 10th
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Blood Type: B
Likes: dressing nice, Hotohori
Dislikes:Miaka (only in the beginning)

Star Group

constellation this is the constellation for Nuriko. the picture is taken from the anime so it may not be fully accurate. click on the image to see a star chart of the Red Bird of Summer (represented by Suzaku in the show)

Fast Facts:
***Nuriko has the hots for Hotohori and is in his harem in hopes of being chosen by him as his empress
***Originally, Nuriko "agrees" to join the seishi under protest and Miaka offers to be Nuriko's servant to keep the group together. Later, Nuriko joins the seishi willingly.