people, with strange clothes, they would fetch a very good price as slaves. Miaka tries to head-butt one of the slave traders while screaming for Yui to get away. When all seems lost, a young man with blue hair and a long ponytail beats the snot out of the men and they run. They see the symbol for "ogre" glowing red on his forehead. The young man asks the girls for money as payment for his services. Finding them broke, he walks away. A bright red light appears and when it fades, Yui has disappeared! Miaka goes to look for Yui, what else can she do, when she comes upon a town. She has assumed that since Yui disappeared about the same time that the strange man did, he must have kidnapped her. She starts asking people if they have seen a young man with an ogre symbol on his forehead. No one has seen him. Miaka meets up with the slave traders again, and once again, the young man comes to the rescue. He had heard that the foreign girl had been looking for him and found her just in time. He introduced himself as Tamahome, and grumbles about not getting paid for protecting her when an impressive looking parade appears. Miaka says that the person must be rich and probably wouldn't mind giving up a jewel or two, so she'll go ask. It turns out to be the Emperor's parade and the soldiers try to capture Miaka. Miaka emits the same strange red light from before and Miaka sees the room in the library where they found the book. Shocked, Miaka sees Yui, sitting on the floor, reading the book! Yui has gotten home safely. Back in the library, Yui realizes that whatever happens to Miaka in the book, becomes what is written on the page. Miaka is in a living story and she has     next page  >>