Real Name: Bu Shunkaku
Character: kaku (angle)
Location of Character: left shoulder
Seishi Power: controlling the ryuuseisui (a rope with 2 balls with blades on them at each end)
Birthday: August 26th
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: A
Likes: working out
Dislikes: being patient

Star Group

constellation this is the constellation for Suboshi. the picture is taken from the anime so it may not be fully accurate. click on the image to see a star chart of the Azure Dragon of Spring (represented by Seiryuu in the show)

Fast Facts:
***Suboshi has a older twin named Amiboshi
***Suboshi's parents were killed in a civil war. This experience taught him the strongest are the ones who survive.
***Suboshi loves his brother very much since Amiboshi raised him after their parents died. He would do anything for him.
***Suboshi is a hot headed, violence-prone person.