Real Name: Sou Kishuku
Character: oni (ogre)
Location of Character: forehead
Seishi Power: powerful fighter
Birthday: June 28th
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Blood Type: O
Likes: Money, Miaka
Dislikes:being called Tama

Star Group

constellation this is the constellation for Tamahome. the picture is taken from the anime so it may not be fully accurate. click on the image to see a star chart of the Red Bird of Summer (represented by Suzaku in the show)

Fast Facts:
**Tamahome has two brothers (Chuei, Shunkei) and two sisters (Gyokuran, Yurien) who live with his father on a farm
**Tamahome will sell anything and everything, including help, for a price. But he does it for a good cause.
**Tamahome loves Miaka more than anything and has made it his life's mission to protect her.