Seiryuu No Miko

Name: Hongo Yui
Birthday: October 17th
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Blood Type: AB
Likes: reading, Tamahome
Dislikes: betrayal

Fast Facts:
***Yui and Miaka have been best friends since childhood
***Yui originally went into the book for the first time with Miaka but was pulled out
***Yui went in the second time and landed in Kutou. She was attacked, rescued, and then made Seiryuu No Miko
***Yui feels betrayed by Miaka and as miko of the sworn enemy of Konan (where Miaka is Suzaku No Miko) she becomes Miaka's enemy as well


                 Seiryuu No Miko
                  Seiryuu no Miko