Story The girl is Yuuki Miaka. She is a junior high student who thinks of food when she should be paying attention in class. Her best friend is Hongo Yui. Yui is very intelligent and looks after Miaka.

One day, as Yui and Miaka were at the library, Miaka saw a bright red bird fly up the staircase. Curious, she followed the strange apparition and Yui eventually came too. They ended up in a "Authorized Personnel Only" room where an old book, written in ancient Chinese, fell from the shelf and landed on the floor in front of the two young girls. Yui was able to read the ancient words and as she read those beginning lines, the two girls disappeared! They found themselves in a strange land when several rough looking men approached them. They told Miaka and Yui that since they were strange  next page >>

Miaka & Tamahome Yui & Nakago

This is the story of a girl who gathered the seven seishi of Suzaku and gained omnipotent powers. The book itself is an incantation. Whoever finishes reading it will also receive these powers. When the page is turned, the book shall become the truth and begin.